Experience the most elegant and professional tailoring service in Vancouver.
We sincerely care about our clients’ expectations to have excellent alterations on their clothes.
Whether you’re looking for a simple alteration or tuxedo tailoring, we will ensure your clothes fit you perfectly.

– Shorten Sleeves from the Shoulder
– Sleeves (Shorten / Lengthen)
– surgeon cuffs buttonhole
– Reduce Chest
– Square Shoulder
– Shorten / Lengthen Jacket
– Center Seam In/Out
– Taper Sides In / Out

– Plain Hem
– Stitch Hem
– Waist / Seat (Take in/ Let out)
– Taper Knee Down with Hem
– Taper Full Leg with Hem

– Shorten the Length
– Taper Sides
– Zipper
– Adjust Straps

– Regular Hem
– Original Hem
– Taper Full Leg
– Take in Waist/Seat

– Shorten Sleeves
– Taper Full Sides and Sleeves
– Shorten Hem

– Sleeves (Shorten / Lengthen)
– Adjust Sleeves from Shoulder
– Shorten / Lengthen Coat
– Take in/Let out Sides
– Take in/Let out Central back Seam

We offer reconstruction services on all types of garments

– Basic Measurements
– Specialty & Bridal Measurements

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