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With over 25 years of experience, Hana’s Bridal is Vancouver’s leading alterations and tailoring service. This unique wedding dress service offers full wedding alterations, including outfits for bridesmaids, flower girls, and the mother of the bride. We provide the same high standard service for garments for all special occasions, including black tie event suits, jackets, coats, cocktail dresses, and more. We bring care and attention to detail to each project, producing high-quality work for each client.

Our expert dressmaker Hana specializes in formal clothes alteration for men and women. She brings her passion for sewing, fashion, and creation to everything she offers. Through her experience, she has found great love in helping her clients, and especially her brides, fall in love with their dresses and feel their best! Hana will fit you in the comfort and privacy at her studio at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends, saving you time and ensuring your outfit is perfect for the occasion. We can even come to you if necessary so that you can have a fitting done in the comfort of your own home.

Julianna L.

Hana was very professional and personable. She did a wonderful job with altering my wedding dress and really took the time to make sure it was perfect. You can tell Hana takes pride in her work.

Nicole B.

I had purchased a wedding dress that was a bit too small and odd fitting in some places, but Hana worked her magic to make everything work and it looked amazing at the end! People told me that it looked like my dress was made for me and it fit like a glove. Thank you again Hana for all your hard work. You're fantastic!

Michelle T.

After a last minute decision to switch dresses Hana altered my wedding dress for a perfect fit! She’s able to work within a very tight deadline while maintaining professional results. There is no one else I’d trust with such an important (and difficult) job, I would highly recommend anyone to seek out her services!

Jamie L.

I highly recommend Hana for all your wedding dress creations and alterations! She is an exceptional seamstress and very professional.


Wedding Alterations

If you have found the perfect bridal gown, but it doesn’t fit quite right, bring it to Hana’s Bridal! Wedding alterations require the work of a professional, talented tailor to ensure that your dress fits perfectly on your big day. We can perform big or small gown alterations to your bridal garments promptly and efficiently. When your wedding day approaches, we guarantee you will fit perfectly into your dress. We will make sure that it flatters your body just as you envisioned it. We can also adjust any bridesmaids dress or mother of the bride’s dress. We can re-design any wedding gown with custom bridal designs if you need an entirely new dress altogether. No matter your needs, we will ensure every alteration is tailored to your expectation and that you look stunning on your special day. Contact us for bridal alterations in the Vancouver, BC, area today.

Black Tie Event Suits

If you are going to a special event, you want to look your best. Wearing a suit that does not quite fit is a sure way to guarantee a disheveled appearance. Come to Hana’s Bridal if you want to get your formal wear to fit just right. We can provide you with alterations for your black tie event suits. Our professional tailor can take in your hems, shorten your sleeves, and adjust your pant legs to ensure that everything fits you perfectly. We offer tailoring services for men’s suits and men’s jackets. Whether you need a minor fix on a single garment or your entire suit resized, we can do it all. We’ll ensure your clothes are made to your liking and have you ready for any formal event. Contact us for men’s clothing alteration in the Vancouver, BC area.

Cocktail Dresses

Here at Hana’s Bridal, we can alter cocktail dresses for any occasion. You’ll need the appropriate attire to look great no matter the event. Our professional dressmaker can tailor or alter your dresses to ensure they fit you perfectly. When attending a formal event, it’s essential to look your best, and we will make sure your cocktail dress flatters you properly. We can also re-design or custom make evening dresses if you’re looking for a unique dress made just for you. We are known for our genuine and efficient customer service, and we want everything to be flawless for your occasion. Contact us today for tailoring and custom dresses in the Vancouver, BC area.

Formal Clothes Alteration

Nothing feels quite as grand as wearing a brand new suit or dress. However, sometimes problems occur. Maybe the hemline isn’t in the correct position, or the sleeves are too long. If your formal clothing doesn’t fit right, it’s time for alterations from a professional tailoring service. Hana’s Bridal provides formal clothes alteration for all types of garments, and we can make any change you want for your clothes. Tailoring is a specialized skill that requires a great deal of training, so it’s essential to find an expert you can trust. We will treat your formal wear with care so that they won’t be damaged when you wear them for your special event. With experience in both women’s and men’s clothing alteration, we ensure that every customer looks their best. Contact us in the Vancouver, BC area today when you need tailoring for your dresses and suits.

Tuxedo Tailoring

When it comes to the wedding day, the bride isn’t the only one worrying about finding the perfect wedding attire. For the groom, it is essential to have a tuxedo that fits just right. At Hana’s Bridal, we offer tuxedo tailoring that will get your tuxedo personally tailored to your exact specifications. Our tailor will ensure you look and feel great for your special day. If you require a tuxedo for any formal event, we are here to serve you. Whether you are looking for men’s suits for your groomsmen or tailoring for tuxedos suitable to match black tie dresses, you can count on us to design and alter your clothing to match your style and the occasion to perfection. When you need to adjust the fit on your tuxedo, contact us in the Vancouver, BC area today.


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