About Townline Tailors

The beginnings of Townline Tailors

Townline Tailors was established in 1986 by Mr. Frank Blaser and has been carrying on the tradition of fine custom tailored clothing at its current location for over 30 years.

Mr. Frank Blaser, was a man who took great pride in giving his customers the best quality, whether it was custom tailored suits or alterations. A kind, talented and debonair gentleman, Frank leaves behind a legacy of high standards and professionalism, integrity, generosity and kindness.

Mr. Blaser’s business was acquired by his very good friend Eric Sana who kept his legacy and name Townline Tailors until 2022. Mr. Sana transferred ownership of Townline Tailors to one of his most trusted tailors, Najib Kazemi who worked with him for many years at Towline Tailors.

Continuing the Townline Tailors legacy

Najib is a tailor with over 35 years of experience in the sewing industry. He started working in sewing manufactories when he was 12 years old. Early in his 20s, he opened his own factory manufacturing formal clothing, branded Almas Sharq meaning Eastern Diamond. He left his very well-established business behind hoping to have his family live in a better place – Canada.

Najib got married in 1999 to Hana, who was an up-and-coming seamstress in the bridal dresses industry. Together, they have created a loving family of four and later on started being business partners.

Since 2017 when they moved to Vancouver, Canada started working in their field in different companies such as Harry Rosen, Simons, Sposa Wedding World, and Townline Tailors.

In 2020 they started their own business Hana’s Bridal, focusing on Wedding Dress alterations. With the skill and talent Najib had, they wished to serve gentlemen with their formal and business outfits as well.

In 2022, an opportunity presented itself for Najib and Hana to continue the Townline Tailors legacy by taking over the business

” It is a great honour to be the new owner of Townline Tailors, and to continue the legacy of high standards, professionalism, integrity, generosity and kindness left by Mr. Frank Blaser.” – Najib & Hana, Owners of Townline Tailors.